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Your New Rottweiler Puppy

This a quick set of tips to help you get started with your new rottweiler puppy.

You will need to provide nutritious food, playful training and loving care for you new puppy. His personal home should be sturdy and weather proof. Fences provide protection for your puppy. Training the pup shouldn’t be hard work or negative. It also involves structure that the puppy craves. You should establish yourself and the family as the masters of the home so he or she knows who to obey and protect. A lot of pup care is common sense but sometimes needs to be learned by education. You can use a leash and collar or a harness to teach the pup to listen and look to you for direction. Grooming is important, a good brush will go a long way to keeping the coat healthy and shiny. All in all, a rottie is a wonderful addition to any home and will provide tears of love and happiness to your household.

A list of our tips for your rottweiler puppy.

  1. Feed them a brand of food that is well known for nutrition to provide a balanced diet.
  2. Make sure to provide toys and plenty of exercise.
  3. Brush your pup. He will appreciate a good brushing all through adulthood and it keeps the coat shiny.
  4. Train him or her to relieve themselves where you want them to. They can’t guess what you need.
  5. Keep an eye on them until they are accustomed to your home and their role in it.
  6. Make sure the pup has a good bed or house to sleep in.
  7. You can pet them all you want, they won’t break!
  8. Enjoy your puppy…
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