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Rottweiler Puppy Training


A quick DIY guide to start your rottweiler puppy training.

You really should start as soon as they are accustomed to their new home. It’s never too late though! To start you should know there is a difference between house training and obedience training. We are going to cover mostly simple diy obedience training.

The first thing to teach any puppy, NO CLIMBING OR JUMPING UP ON PEOPLE. It is an important lesson and a a foundation for good  safe behavior.  I can imagine there are some dogs that never started it but it might be rare especially in large to medium dogs. You can use treats but the leash is required. A short leash is better. You can leave it on them while playing and learning until they get a handle on the behavior. It’s just a firm pull sideways on the leash when they jump. A quick tug will do it. Just stay calm and keep it up if they don’t get it at first.

Second command to cover is halt or stay. We’ll get to it in the next set of tips.

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